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Zweli Mkhize highlights benefits of alcohol, cigarette bans

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Zweli Mkhize highlights benefits of alcohol, cigarette bans

Dr Zweli Mkhize explained why he support the bad of alcohol and cigarettes during lockdown.He added that the substance have an undisputable health effects on the patients who tested posetive for covid-19.

The nation is entering the fourth week of lockdown and the number of deaths have already increased to 52 to date.

The problem with smoking is that it tends to affect the lining where people breath and creates some reactions. In some instances, it can provoke a reaction where someone’s lining is irritated and becomes easy to get infected.

Ramaphosa reiterated that the decisions made by leadership during this time has firm scientific backing and the alcohol restrictions have been encouraged by the World Health Organisation.

Mkhize also highlighted the risks associated with alcohol use, calling for people to cooperate with the government during this time

Under the circumstances, we are working in, we really need everyone to cooperate so we can reduce pressure in hospitals and the possibility of people being infected because everyone is taking a very responsible approach when they are in sober senses.

With the virus, all medical personnel need to be at the ready and the minister explained that the alcohol ban had helped reduce the number of people needing hospitalisation

The less alcohol you have, the less trauma you will find in hospital. There will be less people who have been shot and less people injured from car accidents and people being stabbed. Less alcohol improves the health of individuals.

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