Heartbroken woman disclose how she got dumped, shares screenshots of messages

Radebe Merci gets dumped on WhatsApp, shares screenshots of messages

  • A gorgeous young woman explains how she was wrongfully dumped by her bae.
  • She shared the Whatsapp screenshot conversations of her boyfriend.
  • It was clear that the man dumped the poor lady and moved on before she was aware.

@Radebe_merci is a tweeter handle of a young beautiful woman who shared her painful breakup on social media.

She shared screenshots of her messages and captioned the post: “I don’t know what I did to deserve this.” In the messages, the man complained about @Radebe_merci being too much drama and always wanting attention.

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Look Merci I’m tired of this drama. We were cool and jiki jiki all of the sudden ubatla attention,” one of his messages read. He then tells @Radebe_merci that there are many “beautiful girls” who want him and they “don’t do like you do”.

The man suggested they end their relationship and @Radebe_merci tried to reason with her boyfriend. However, after she called him babe, he told her he already had a girlfriend and she was stunned that he already moved on. Take a look at the post below:

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