Why Muvhango Is Losing Viewers


Muvhango used to be such a joy to watch when it had Sindi Dlathu as Thandaza Mukwevho, when Memello and KK were messing up each other, Randani being rebellious towards her family and when it had the Mojalefas.

The show started losing its most talented actors, the SABC kept messing up their scenes, salary dispute and other things. It is not the SABC that caused the downfall.
There have been several sexual harassment cases over the year that have been swept under the rug and still being swept under the carpert in 2020.

The shows viewership keeps on decreasing because it doesn’t give the viewers what they need. That’s what makes good actors hand out their resignation letter. And kills actors with promising storyline.

There’s no reason to keep the show if you losing both actors with promising storyline and the most talented. The recent resignation of Khathu Ramabulana who portrayes the character of Hulisane Rendani’s husband was a major loss to the show.

His replacement won’t make a difference. It doesn’t matter who they are replacing him with, the actor is just so talented. Khathu was featured in Netflix’s shadow with Amanda Du Pont and Isibaya Queen sono Dladla.

The show recently introduced Sepokele who was Imanis boyfriend but killed him. They couldn’t wait for the sickness to kill him instead put him on an car accident scene.

If they keep boring characters as Sharon, Gizarra and Marang the show won’t increase its viewer’s rate, and the show will eventually get canned.


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