Who is Ready For The Wedding? Coming Up On Scandal This October 2020

scandal actors

Coming Up On Scandal This October 2020

It is not nice to watch an annoying character like Simo, the last time we had an annoying actor on Scandal it was Mthunzi. The producer keeps bringing the most unlikeable characters to try to get more ratings but they’re not changing the scriptwriters.

scandal actors

It does not sit well that Romeo’s mother; Grace is also going to be his half-sister-in-law when she marries Simo. This storyline will only in two ways: when Romeo finds out about Violetta (she’s supposed to be Simo’s sister but she’s actually his lover) or if Romeo brings Mamba on-board. Violetta is Mamba’s wife, so Simo will be in a lot of trouble Mamba finds out that his wife is sleeping with his accountant.

Vernon is destroying Q’s Lounge

Vernon is a good barman and a bad businessman.  Quinton made a terrible mistake by leaving his restaurant in Vernon’s care because he’s all about his new girlfriend and doesn’t know how to boost the business.  The only person who could rescue Q’s lounge is Quinton’s mother or Quinton’s baby-mama; Dintle. Scandal isn’t that great without our regular bad boy; Quinton, so it will be great if they could bring him back.

scandal actors

His new girlfriend is super dodgy! She’s either doing drugs, has huge metal issues, or psychotic, which isn’t great news for Vernon because he’s been constantly unlucky-in-love. Vernon is stuck in her web because she’s beautiful and he’s still in cloud nine.

Phindi and her housemates

scandal actors

I don’t understand why Phindie hasn’t informed Dintle that she’s staying with two other tenants. The whole living situation is illegal anyways because Dintle isn’t supposed to rent out Quinton’s penthouse.  Cjay and Mary are working and they can stay there further anyways if Phindie just came out and told Dintle about them.

 I expected Mary to have fallen in-love with Cjay already because she’s gullible and doesn’t have a lot of experience with men.