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Skeem Saam Actor Leeto Is Expecting A Child With His Side Chick

Mokgadi and Leeto have had one of the most horrible relationships ever since they started dating. Their marriage is an example of what a toxic and unstable marriage looks like. One of the reasons for their downfalls in their marriage has been their parents. Their parents have a history that dates back to before the two were even conceived.

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The moment Leeto discovered that Noah killed Koloi’s mom and drove solo to Johannesburg he immediately filed for a divorce. He went on a drinking spree and had a weekend affair with an unknown woman.

Skeem Saam Actor Leeto

It turns out Leeto and his side chick didn’t use protection as they were too drunk that night. The mystery woman will be revealed soon as she’s going to rock up at Leeto’s house claiming to be pregnant with his child. This will definitely rock up Leeto’s marriage and will convince Mokgadi to sign the divorce papers.

Mokgadi’s mother known by Mary is already whispering ‘villainous winning divorce techniques’ to her is going to coach her on how to clean him up. This news will be devastating to Mokgadi because Leeto’s wanted a baby from her for ages. The two haven’t had time for themselves as a couple and haven’t had time to even try to conceive because they’ve been living with Leeto’’s interfering family.

Skeem Saam Actor Leeto

Mokgadi has also spent a lot of time on her troublemaking son and hasn’t been able to make time for her husband. The only person who will be happy about this pregnancy news is Leeto’s mother; Meikie Maputla.

Meikie has never liked Mokgadi because of her mother and always thought that Leeto deserve better than Mokgadi. She’s going to befriend Leeto’s baby-mama, and offer her support during her pregnancy.

  Now that the Maputla household will be empty with Leeto and Mokgadi gone, and Thabo getting married, Meikie is going to offer Leeto’s baby-mama accommodation to spite Mokgadi.

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