Which One Is More Interesting The Queen Or The River?

The Queen Actor Brutus Reveals His Love For Norma

Coming up on The Queen this October is the same old script just this time it’s with different actors, The Khoza’s and the Sebta’s are going to at war. Shaka is going to disappear and they won’t even notice in the beginning but eventually they’ll realize that the Sebata’s are responsible for his disappearance. Hector is going to commit suicide and Shaka must comes up with a plan to stay alive. Thando is going to have to choose between her family and love. She will choose the latter and help Shaka escape.

The Queen


There’s a thin line between love and hate, to our surprise it turns out Brutus is actually in-love with Norma that’s why he’s always angry towards her.  He’s only going to express his hidden feelings for love Norma throughout October.

Trully speaking Brutus and Norma’s relationship doesn’t sound interesting or exciting at all. I feel like the writer’s actually wanted Harriet and Hector to fall for each other but Connie was against it. It’s so weird that Harriet Khoza has only had a love interest in season one.

The Queen

What happened to Warona, Thato’s previous love interest? Because it doesn’t make sense how characters who carried a season could just disappear without any reason/explanation. Thato is going to fall in love with another rich girl in October; Mpho Sebata. Remember he was dating Skhumbuzo’s daughter who left the show because she was pregnant?

Could The Queen introduce another young male character? It doesn’t make sense why all these rich girls could fall for an overweight waiter/restaurant owner. There’s absolutely nothing interest in Thato. It would make more sense if Mpho fell for Kagiso Khoza because they have more in common.

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