Where The Qualifications At?

 Nompilo Maphumulo As Nosipho From Uzalo Acting Without Qualifications.

On the best watched soapie Uzalo has been hiring people without qualifications. Not even one lol..Nompilo Maphumuloa 37/yrs old by the name of Nosipho in Uzalo does not have the qualification to purse the acting but well she’s still there playing the part. You Go Sis.

Nompilo couldn’t futher her education after completing her matric. She went for being a waitress in Durban and a sales agent at a call center. She then later decided to go and learn about performing arts and increase her knowledge.

She Couldn’t still purse but still entered the( KwaMashu Community Advancement Project) a local arts center that enhance the quality of life of the youth by teaching them to use their natural talents to create their own employment opportunities.Maybe that’s where she managed to score the points for being Uzalo’s actress .


Also Masoja Msiza by the name of Nkunzi who’s loved by everyone.. Lmao yes the Cool Kruger whos mostly known of the rule of evil guy, the heartless guy doesn’t have the qualifications as well, but however he managed to stay relevant to the scripts given and the quality skills helped a lot.

One of the websites informed that Mr Msiza did not further his education after complete his high school days and instead left school for a job in the mines only to get in the acting world later on without qualifications. Interesting  right? Loll yea



Nyalleng Thebedi who is 40/yrs  by the name of Zikhethelo doesn’t have qualification as well. It is still not far for other kids who have qualifiations out there. But it is a topic for another day hey? Guess y’all aren’t ready for this topic.

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