What To Expect On Muvhango! KK Commits Suicide Whilst Gugu and Azwindi Bids Farewell

KK Commits Suicide Whilst Gugu and Azwindi Bids Farewell

Indeed, Muvhango is making steps in regaining its claim as one of the best Mzansi drama series. We can all sit back and watch as the drama unfolds. Here is what to expect this November on Muvhango. KK (McDonald Ndou) will attempt suicide in the coming episodes after realizing that he has been not a good parent to his son, Kgosi (Tebatso Mashishi).

On the other hand, Gugu and Azwindini (Gabriel Temudzani) will be more than convinced that they are approaching death after being trapped underground without any help coming their way. Who knows, maybe they will try to use these trying times to confess their feelings since love is in the air between the two. Well, is it love that they are just caught up in the moment given the fact that they are trapped together?

To make matters worse, Azwindi’s wife Susan discovers that the chief son has a secret affair with Gugu. No doubt, Vutshilo will be more than embarrassed and heartbroken if he finds out that Gugu and Azwindini have feelings for each other. Could the two starts dating once rescued?


Imani (Zonke Mchunu) will unknowingly reconnect Mpho (Azwimmbavhi Rambuda) with her baby. The baby went missing after being kidnapped while at the hospital. Will Mpho connects the dots given the fact that she is a powerful Sangoma. In recent years Mpho has managed to use her gift in healing and uniting the living with the dead.

However, teasers have it that Mpho will get attached to the baby in November. Little is known in the mix of things if she reveals the truth about baby Keniso’s real identity. Will Imani help her get the baby back when she realises that her husband’s mother, Moipone (Mmabatho Mogomotsi), kidnapped Tenda and Mpho’s baby?