What kind of fashion is this, ladies please stop: Opinion


What kind of fashion is this, ladies please stop: Opinion. Which is the number one gender that God might regret creating, man or woman? Women are all out to show their quest for men. The old traditional ways are not working anymore, there were ways that our old people and pastors used to teach women, what to do to show interest in a man.


It was an old trick but it was smart, moral, and dignified. Now we have ladies wearing all kinds of immoral stuff, some wear bum shorts, some wear nunu printed leggings and some wear short skirts, this generation is worse


One of the most beautiful, gifted, and endowed female Nollywood actresses shared some of her recent mouth-watering pictures on her verified Instagram account for her fans to see.

The endowed Nollywood actress who hails from Imo state mesmerized her six hundred thousand Instagram followers with her dazzling pictures as she flaunts her beauty in the dazzling outfit. She rocked a white singlet top, brown tight trouser, and she carried a brown bag, that matches with her slippers.


On the other hand, some fashion designers themselves have become the devil’s advocates. They are going all out of their way to make clothes that defy morality. It’s the world we are living in, the temptation of a man has become too strong.

Source : https://www.mcebiscoo.com/commotion-nollywood-actress-appears-naked-public-photos-2/