WATCH : Zodwa WaBantu Prepares Her Punani For New Ben10

Zodwa WaBantu Prepares Her Punani For New Ben10

WATCH : Zodwa WaBantu Prepares Her Punani For New Ben10

Zodwa always does the unthinkable and she doesn’t care about what people think about her, she is one of a person who believes in making her house clean for the new guest’s arrival.

The dancer decided to “get rid” of all the impurities in her private parts that were left by Vusi who she broke up with publicly recently. Now Zodwa is ready for a new lover and decided to tighten her va_gina again in order to make sure her new lover is always pleased and satisfied in bed.

The procedure used by Zodwa WaBantu to prepare her punani was taken on live video which left her fans with jaws dropped. she detailed her latest cosmetic procedure. Zodwa took to Instagram today, 31 August 2020 to share a video of herself having a vaginal tightening procedure at the Durban-basic clinic, Herwood Medical center.

In the video, Zodwa stated that the treatment is being done in preparation for a new man, now that her most recent relationship did not last. She stated, “I’m here again because I ended another relationship so I need a new relationship.” As she spoke to the camera, the doctor was busy with the procedure, as the nurse assisted by holding her legs apart.

Zodwa went on to advise the doctor to make her private parts as rejuvenated as possible, as she does not want any man to leave her again. She also said that the procedure is being done for her satisfaction, as she also wants to experience intense pleasure when she is being intimate with a man.

The reality star has not shied away from such topics, with her previous videos in promotion of the clinic causing pandemonium on social media. Some of her videos were in the promotion of a penis enlargement treatment, as well as premature ejaculation injection which saw her riding on an actor as she pretended to be unsatisfied with his sexual performance.

Watch Zodwa’s video below.