Watch: Jub Jub Pushed Into A Pool By Angry Cheater

Watch: Jub Jub Pushed Into A Pool By Angry Cheater

Every Sunday Uyajola 9/9 fans cant wait to see what’s gonna unfold on the Show hosted by Jub Jub, as it is always filled with drama and entertainment. Last nights episode, however, was by the far his best work.  Things went south for the hip hop star Jub Jub as he found himself swimming in a pool


As the host of the show, Jub Jub is always at the centre of drama and most of the time even making sure to start the drama himself. If he isn’t verbally harassing his guests, physically stopping them from evading his blunt questions or invading their private spaces, he will make sure that his bodyguards do his dirty work for him. Most of the time, viewers of his show condemn these actions because his bouncers are extremely big and usually overpower participants of the show.

Earlier this month, his car was shot at and his fans suspected it might be one of the many cheaters who are gatvol of him and have threatened to retaliate on numerous occasions on his show.

Unfortunately this time around, much to the delight of viewers across the country, his bodyguards were too slow to stop an angry cheater from pushing him into the pool. Twitter went crazy, with many Tweeps happy to finally see Jub Jub get what was coming to him, some fans praised him for his dedication and hard work though.

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