Pretoria woman cut off her boyfriend’s private parts

Pretoria woman cut off her boyfriend’s private parts and kills him

A 22-year-old Pretoria woman has been arrested and will appear in the Pretoria Magistrates’ Court on Monday on allegations she killed and stuffed her Ugandan husband under the bed.

This, after a viral video made rounds earlier on social media showing a heavy argument ensued between three Ugandan nationals and a Pretoria woman referred to as Linda who was believed to have killed her husband – shown lying lifelessly just under the bed.

According to an angry mob lashing out a seemingly unshaken Linda, a lifeless Dennis on the floor had been missing and could not be reached on phone thereby raising suspicions he may have been dead.

His relatives then went over to his residence.

And upon gaining entrance into his residence in Pretoria, Linda was found attempting to stuff Dennis’ body under the bed with blood stains and injuries on the upper body.

On the video, the lady on defence mode, however, fails to properly attest to what transpired and why the man is dead and under the bed.


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