Uzalo’s Out With The Accusations That Actor Mbatha Is In Sexual Misconduct In Real Life

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Uzalo Is On Mr Mnguni AKA Mbatha’s Personal Life.

Reports are slammed that actor Thabo Mngumi who play the role of  Mr Mbatha on Uzalo is inloved in sexual abuse scandals. The Uzalo team says that Thabo Mnguni’s role as Mbatha is pure professional and doesn’t reflect on the scenes happening in his real life.

Mbatha currently caught up in a sexual abuse scandal with the new comer Zethu who play the role of Angel Zuma in the show.Uzalo released a statement on Instagram and captioned it.

“Thabo Mnguni’s character on Uzalo is currently involved in some unprencipled activities including sexual abuse scandals. This is a fiction storyline unrelated to his personal life”

Statement reads as follows..

Media statement for immediate release on 08 October 2020

False media headline tainting Uzalo’s Mr Mbatha

While Uzalo has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to workplace misconduct

We just as strongl condemned media’s irresponsible behaviour

in creating clickbait with false headlines.

Thabo Mnguni’s Mnguni’s character on Uzalo currently involved in some unprincipled

activities that includes sexual abuse scandals.

This is fiction storyline unrelated to his personal life.

Uzalo is very passionate in presenting stories that keep its viewers aware of the many

topical sociopolitical issues we face as South Africans.

Uzalo continues to endure misleading and distorted write ups defaming their 

character in lights of this.

We call upon our valued fans to assist us in stopping the spread of such stories.

Analyse all news, identify and make note of such any media biases.

Critical challenges the accuracy of the content reputable source-choose well

established and trusted news publications read news, not options.

Be vigilant of clickbait content. Verify content seek balance, accuracy.

Look out for official statement, comments and post to verify news content.