UZALO: Watch as Cupid shoots an arrow into MaDongwe’s heart

UZALO: Watch as Cupid shoots an arrow into MaDongwe’s heart

UZALO: Watch as Cupid shoots an arrow into MaDongwe’s heart

Uzalo shared pictures of the picnic between MaDongwe and her new man. The man is very persistent and got MaDongwe while very ready to explore a relationship.

As you can remember, the man met MaDongwe while touring with the Shlobo Tours. He saved her from a giant snake that had gone unattended in the area.

Sparks flew immediately between the two, and General didn’t waste any time asking his girl out.

Uzalo has shared what the outing will look like, and we are impressed.

General went old school. He took her to a nearby park, bought all the excellent food, and laid it out on an old-school blanket.

In the video, General sings praises to her as she approaches; he shows appreciation to her for accepting his invitation.

In the storyline, Lilly and Nonka don’t approve of his advances because MaDongwe suffered hard in the mjolo department.

MaDongwe is not with Lily’s father, and she once had a severe relationship with Arch Bishop Pope Evangelist Khethukthula Mbatha. That relationship nearly destroyed MaDongwe as Mbatha turned out to be just using her.

She has stayed away from love since then. It hasn’t been easy, though, because her friend MaDlala is a pandemic in this department as she is always running after the Ben10 of KwaMashu.

According to the teasers released for the show, General is going to turn things upside down in the Xaba family.

He will end up stepping on many 9f toes in that home, especially Lilly’s, who is looking after her mother’s interests.

General is a war hero; that’s why he believes in handling things the hard way.
The question is, since he lives on the right side of the law, how will things work out between him and Njeza, who walk on the sidetracks when it comes to that.

Njeza is still working for the Magwaza clan; they are not law-abiding citizens if you know what I mean.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and check out the good times General has set up for MaDongwe.

Watch the video below: