Uzalo Spoiler alert Wednesday 8 June 2022: Sbu and Njeza’s kidnapper is revealed

Uzalo Spoiler alert Wednesday 8 June 2022: Sbu and Njeza’s kidnapper is revealed

Uzalo Spoiler alert Wednesday 8 June 2022: Sbu and Njeza’s kidnapper is revealed

They say payback is a B*ch and these two guys are about to find out how much.

It’s been a few weeks since Njeza and Sbu’s miraculous release from prison after they were caught trying to escape. Everyone was wondering who made this happen.

In one of our reports, I tabled a few of the people that could have the guts and the power to do this, and up to now, everything was speculation.

Last night on the show, we were all caught off guard when the chickens came home to roost for these two.
They both receive a letter summoning them to a scary meeting by the bridge by an anonymous person, and then in their snippets after the show, we see that men in masks would kidnap the two.

We all know that it has something to do with their release.

The Soapie has shared some vital clues as to who could be behind this, and what’s more, they have shared what happened to the two after they got kidnapped.

The Soapie first shared pictures of Nomaswazi wearing the same mask as the person in the Van the two were kidnapped in.

So now we have a clue of who is behind the kidnapping. We know it has something to do with the Magwazas.

The question is, is it Vika or Njinji?
1. We know that Njinji hadn’t been a part of the heists that Avila was conducting at KwaMashu since the beginning of season 8.
2. We also know that Vika has approached Sbu before to work with him.
3. We also know that Sbu hates Nkunzi now, making him an excellent ally for the Magwaza clan.

That’s the first clue.

Then the Soapie shared a video 9f these two looking bloody and messy in an abandoned storage room.

Just as they wake up to realize they have been kidnapped, Sawazi walks in and uncovers her mask.

Nomaswazi has been asked to be taken seriously by the family after Njinji and Vika showed their disapproval of her involvement in the family’s shady businesses. She wants to prove a point. The boys are shocked, and so are we.

Uzalo shares Sbu and Njeza's kidnapping and who is behind it. Image Source: Uzalo

This is supposed to shed some light. But now we have more questions. Firstly, Why? Also, is Swazi acting solo to prove that she is worthy?

Lear’s watch tonight’s episode for those answers.

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Frat your eyes in the video they released below.