Uzalo Season 8 Premiere Review And What To Expect This Week

Uzalo Season 8 Premiere Review And What To Expect This Week

Uzalo Season 8 Premiere Review And What To Expect This Week

If you didn’t know, we are officially on season 8 of Uzalo. The first episode of season 8 was met with mixed reviews.

The first episode of this season aired on Friday, March the 4th. Firstly we jumped three months from the last episode of season 7, which was a little unsettling to many. Immediately a new character was introduced; the guy was attempting to hijack a truck.


We were taken through a big car chase, and then Vika, the new character played by Siyabonga Radebe, appeared in the window of the truck with a toy gun; to cut a long story short, the attempt failed dismally.

Vika is Njinji Magwazas nephew, the character of Njinji will be portrayed by Thembi Nyandeni. Njinji is out to dethrone Nkunzebomvu Mhlongo. I personally felt that this scene could have been executed better; what do you think?

Gabisile has now started a new adventure as a magazine columnist. She writes for a magazine called Hope as a guest writer. That is good and well, but why did she lose it when Hlelo accidentally poured tea over it?

Gabisile attracted an unexpected tongue-lash from Hlelo. Hlelo went in hard for her. She reminded Gabisile of her sins when Gabisile tried to take the moral high ground. We all know what Gabisile did to Hlelo and why she doesn’t just buy another magazine. Hlela has been waiting for an opportunity to give Gabisile a piece of her mind, and boy did she give it to her.


Mbatha has gone ahead with launching KFC ( Khethukuthula Family Church). He set the church up in a classroom in KwaMashu. He commits daylight robbery and collects money using a speed point machine from the two churchgoers. The only thing that is clear here is that Mbatha is still a wolf hiding in sheepskin. He is a comic relief we needed. That’s it for that episode.

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The hijack turns deadly as Vika turns the tables on the police. Vika flips the script on the police, and we see him shooting them instead. A physical scuffle ensued, and apparently, one of the police will die. Man, I hope it’s not Lilly. That’s all that I am saying.

KFC is already in debt, and Mbatha enlists the help of an interior decorator? Mbatha has not even started to make money at KFC, but he is already hiring decorators to upgrade the class he holds his church services in. Ok. I’ll leave it here for now. Seriously. Someone is following Nkunzis’ every move. There is a man seen tailing his car with a gun. The man is taking instructions from someone on the phone. The instruction is clear to end up taking Nkunzi out.

Hlela’s visit to Sbus’ grandmother turns out to be very disturbing. Firstly Hlela finds out Gogo has a severe heart condition and she needs Sbu, but Sbu is serving time, and Gogo thinks Hlela is someone called Tholakele.

Nonka gives Pastor Gwala an earful. She finds him at her home and rips into him, accusing him of being obsessed with Sibonelo and costing them the distillery in the process. I have to say Pastor Gwala did go a little crazy. I mean, he almost died himself, twice.

An inmate will be leaving prison soon; who do you think it is? Sbu, Njeza or one of the new characters? Sbu said Nkunzi would pull some strings and get him out after three months. We are just going to have to wait and see.

Stay tuned to see more on this drama series as we unfold the new stories in KwaMashu.