Uzalo Njeza Is Coming Back For Nosipho, See What Is Going To Happen

Uzalo Njeza Is Coming Back For Nosipho

Nosipho (Nompilo Maphumulo) finds herself in a situation she never expected to be in: she’s a beaten woman in danger of losing her life. What started as a couple of shoves around the end of September worsens into complete abuse by the man she adores, Njeza (Nkanyiso Makhanya).

“From merely dangers, he gags her, kicking and slapping her till she has wounds all over her body,” Nompilo reveals. “Nosipho has gone too far and insane in her love for her guy, and she must hide for him.”

She doesn’t need anyone to know about their relationship. He’s getting her make-up to cover up her injuries, which she regards as a gift of affection. But that changes when Njeza defeats Nosipho to the point where she realizes she needs to buy a weapon to protect herself from him…

Nosipho is becoming increasingly concerned that the next time Njeza slaps her, she will be killed. “So the weapon is there to shoot him and put an end to the abuse,” Nompilo explains. “She does not want to go to the police station, and she has no one with whom she can discuss her problems.”