Uzalo Is Opening Up The Industry For Small Businesses In Durban

Uzalo Is Opening Up The Industry For Small Businesses In Durban

Uzalo Is Opening Up The Industry For Small Businesses In Durban

Uzalo recently sent out a call and invited all cool and quirky business suppliers in Durban to come and showcase their businesses in their upcoming scheduled photoshoot.

The invitation indicates that the invitation is for interested parties who would like to supply them with goodies, and in exchange, those businesses would be featured on Uzalo’s platforms.

Followers of their social media pages were asked to tag businesses they would like to see on this particular photoshoot day.

Many people responded by offering their services and showing interest in this great opportunity. Everyone knows how popular the drama is, and one feature would be the exposure that young and upcoming businesses need.

This is a great and different way to open up the industry in a complicated business. This is also a great way to support small businesses that need it. As we all know, the pandemic hit the economy hard in our country. Many people ended up having to start their businesses, and this is seen as a way to help small businesses grow.

Also, what is important to note is that they invited business people from Durban only. This is seen as one of the basic moves because many people in Durban don’t get opportunities, and this is another way of raising the economy in Durban.

The word spread fast around Durban, and people offered all kinds of businesses from baking businesses to clothing businesses where people wanted to showcase their Talent and be exposed.

Uzalo is opening up the industry for small businesses in Durban

Uzalo is a very respected soapy all over South Africa. More than anything, it is seen as very important because it exposes Durban life and culture in particular, which is seen as something to be proud of.

Of course, people took a shot and asked if any auditions would be held, but the Uzalo people were quick to explain that the call was just for the photoshoot and no auditions.

We hope the message reached most of the people it was supposed to reach, which are small businesses in Durban and get to showcase their work.