Uzalo Actors Salaries, See How Much The Lowest Paid Cast Member Gets

Uzalo Actors

Uzalo has gained critical applause and huge success as the most watched soapie in SA, beating other popular soapies like Skeem Saam, Generations the legacy. As of May 2021, Uzalo leads with 10.5 million  viewers. Uzalo has only been on air for 6 years but it has knocked out other soapies which have been running for an over a decade.

With rumors spinning that some actors had been fired from the show, while others are set to get the ax because of complaints about low salaries, people wondered how much these actors were paid. There have been rumors that the show doesn’t pay its actors well, but  reports suggest it may be the opposite.

According to some insider information, the main cast members like Nkunzi and Mangcobo are the highest paid actors ranging around R40k to R50k. The supporting actors are there to add more depth and to meat out the main actor’s storylines. They may be in the middle of some storylines, but not necessary the driving force behind the plot. They are the second highest paid.

Then there are the extras, these may appear in just one episode or in just a few scenes and they get paid per appearance and according to the time they have spent on the scene. So let’s check out the salaries of the lowest paid supporting actors.

According to reports, the lowest paid actress was  Nomcebo who played the role of Khehla’s mother. She was reportedly paid R15k to R20k per month, she was followed by Nyawo, Madlala and Mbatha whose salaries ranges from R15k to R25k per month.

It seems like Uzalo does pay their actors well, if the lowest paid cast members are bagging such a decent amount, then the main actors must be getting quite a lot, all things considered.