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Letoya Makhene is a gifted South African actress, singer, traditional healer and a TV personality. Latoya was born ont the 7th of September 1984.

Tshidi Phakade biography profile summary

Real Name                : Letoya Makhene
Gender                      : Female
Date of birth             :7 September 1984
Place of birth            :Johannesburg
Education                 :N/A
Age                          :36 years old
Ethnicity                   :Black
Nationality               :South African
Occupation              :Singer, song writer
Label                        :Daddy Kool records
Instagram                :Letoya Makhene -pulumo@letoyamakhane
Net-worth               :$100 000

Letoya ate of birth

Letoya was born on the 7 September 1984. She’s 36 years of age turning 37 on the 7 September 2021

Letoya Makhene traditional healer

Letoya left the television screen in 2003 taking a break to do take an 8 months training course at an initiation school to become a sa Ngoma but after a while she put her Songoma duties to one side until she found a safe place to practice.

Letoya Makhene education

Letoya attended several primary schools because her family moved around a lot.

Letoya Makhene personal life

Letoya has four siblings. She a daughter of Blonde Makhene and Agnes Makhene. Her father is a music legend who has experience in the music industry. Latoya shares traits with her father since they are both musicians.

Letoya and her father released a song but it didn’t make sales because she failed to make it well know to the public.

Letoya is a mother of four children and her last baby is with Tshepho Leeuw. They’ve been having a secret relationship. She took it to social media later to confirm that they had welcomed their baby with lots of joy.

Letoya Makhene relationship

Letoya’s first boyfriend is a Zimbabwean Privilege Mangesi. She had three children with him. Nubia, Tadiwa and Tamuda before things went out of hands. Letoya divorceed Previlege Mangas after 9 years of their happy marriage.

Letoya Makhene career

Letoya made appearances in the music industry in a very young age, seven years old. She was on of Brenda Fasdie’s back up singers. She worked with DJ Cleo in their dubet and also worked with Dj Qness in their song I get Weak.

I’m 2016 has released solo songs and preparing a solo debut album and I 2016, Dj Chyna a featured Letoya in the song Keep on trying. She also appeared in both issues of Bona and True a love magazine.

1 Ngihawukele
3 Chading waves
4 IgetWeak
5Paradise Road
6 Declaration of love

Letoya net-worth

It is estimated that Letoya Makhene’s net worth is $100 000

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