Top 10 Richest Families In South Africa [2021]

Top 10 Richest Families In South Africa

Who are the richest families in South Africa? Most of us want to find good jobs, earn huge sums of money, and drive beautiful cars. But there are some people who risk their money into starting business ventures, they dedicate their entire lives to ensuring its success, and they pass on the responsibility to the next generation of their family. Some even leave their countries and set up a new life in unfamiliar surroundings.

The latter group of people is the one that eventually becomes fabulously wealthy. They earn huge profits consistently for their efforts and grow their ventures into huge empires. South Africa has a few of these successful and titled families with well-preserved wealth being enjoyed by at least the second generation.

In this article, we want to focus on South Africa and find out what we can learn from the wealthiest families in South Africa. Who knows; maybe we can be inspired to do something great after reading their examples. Without further bother let us now discover the richest families in South Africa.

Top 10 Richest Families In South Africa

  • The Rupert Family

Anton Rupert started selling cigarettes in his garage, and from there he started selling some of the more expensive kinds of cigarettes and cigars which were hard to come by in South Africa. Adding some other luxury goods saw him establish himself as the go-to person for top quality overseas products. Well, several years later he is one of the wealthiest persons in Africa, and his son Johann too is a top Forbes rated billionaire.

In 1998 Rembrandt split into Remgro and Richemont, and both companies are still huge conglomerates. Remgro is an investment company with interests in mining, finance, and industry, while Richemont is based in Switzerland and deals in Luxury Goods. Johan Rupert is worth somewhere around 7 billion dollars, and he has three children: Anton Jr, Hanneli, and Caroline.

  • The Oppenheimer Family

The Oppenheimer Family literally put South Africa on the map when they controlled the diamond trade in the whole world from their mansion in South Africa. The family was founded by Sir Ernest Oppenheimer who established Anglo American Corporation of South Africa and became chairman of De Beers Consolidated Mines.

His son Harry Oppenheimer then succeeded his father as chairman of both Anglo American and De Beers Consolidated Mines. During his time he expanded the family empire, acquiring more diamond and gold mines.

Now the Oppenheimer family fortune is controlled by his son Nicky Oppenheimer, and he has put his only son Jonathan in charge of E Oppenheimer and Son Ltd. the Oppenheimer family is worth at least 7.6 billion dollars.

  • The Bekker Family

The Bekker Family is an old South African family that expanded investments. Today it is led by Jacobus Bekker, who is the founder of MTN, MNET, and Multichoice. Jacobus Bekker is the Chairman of Naspers which is a media conglomerate operating in 130 countries. Naspers is the biggest Media Conglomerate by market value outside the U.S and China.

Jacobus Bekker has 5 children, and several other relatives, all part of the Bekker Fortune. He is worth around $2.4 billion.

  • Patrice Tlhopane Motsepe

The Motsepe Family is led by Patrice Motsepe, a self-made billionaire who struck gold when he ventured into mining. He worked as a lawyer drafting mining contracts and then got the idea to found a mining company and then operate it using the contacts he made when he was drafting mining agreements. Today, he is the richest black businessman in South Africa, and his family is heavily invested in the South African economy.

Patrice Motsepe is the founder and executive chairman of African Rainbow Minerals, which operates mines prospecting for gold, iron, and platinum. Among other ventures, he is a non-executive chairman of Harmony Gold, and also the deputy chairman of Sanlam.

He is married to Precious Motsepe who is a doctor and businesswoman; she owns a fashion brand. Bridget Radebe, who is known for being one of the first female mine owners in South Africa is also from the Motsepe Family. She is a sister to Patrice Motsepe.

  • Michel Le Roux and Family

The le Roux Family is presently led by Michel le Roux. He is simply known as the chairman of Capitex Bank. Michel le Roux and his family own an 11 percent stake in the company, as well as other diversified investments.

His son Michiel le Roux Jr. has ventured into the food business; he has established a salad bar in Sandton, South Africa, where he too has several people in his employ. Apparently, he aims to follow in his father’s footsteps and turn that salad bar into a restaurant chain. Not much else is known about the le Roux family though.

  • Stephen Bradley Saad and Family

The Saad family is mainly based in Durban, South Africa. The family is led by Stephen Bradley Saad, a pharmaceutical magnate who is mostly known for being the founder and chief executive of Aspen Pharmacare, which is the largest producer of generic medicines in Africa.

Stephen Bradley Saad and his family own a private game reserve, as well as a rugby union club called Sharks. Stephen Bradley Saad is chairman of the club.

  • Christoffel Wiese and Family

Christoffel Wiese is a South African billionaire who truly knows how to diversify his business interests. Together with his family, he holds a fortune that is well distributed in retail shopping, mining, furniture, and other investments.


Christoffel Wiese was the Chairman of Shoprite Holdings; he still owns 18 percent of the retail shopping giant, as well as a furniture chain with a presence in 15 countries. His other assets include stakes in private equity firm Brait, a share of Invicta Holdings which is a manufacturing conglomerate, Pallinghurst, which invests in mines.

  • Jannie Mouton and Family

The Mouton Family fortune is controlled by Jannie Mouton and his son Piet Mouton. Jannie Mouton is a friend and business partner of Michiel le Roux, with whom he founded Capitec which is a leading bank in South Africa.

He is also the Chairman of the PSG Group; a listed investment holding firm. PSG’s business includes financial services, banking, private equity, agriculture, and education. Jannie Mouton’s sons Jan Mouton is the CEO of PSG flexible fund, while his younger son is also on the board of PSG.

  • Lauritz Dippenaar and Family

Lauritz Dippenaar and his 3 children control the Dippenaar fortune which was made by taking calculated business risks. He is a businessman, investor, and banker. Lauritz Dippenaar was CEO of First Rand Investments. He also progressed to Chairman of the investment company. Dippenaar founded RMB Holdings Ltd and Rand Consolidated Investments Ltd.

He is also a reputable philanthropist; he gives out money generously every year for scholarships.


The richest families in South Africa are very similar to the titled families that have preserved their wealth for generations. Looking at them one gets the feeling that these are the same people who control the economies of countries like Australia, the USA, Canada, and Great Britain. They have one thing in common; they build large business empires in the family name and put their children in control.

If everybody could build a family business and devote their lives to its success, then maybe there would be no poverty in the world. Maybe we would all be prosperous and happy. Anyway, that is what the richest families in South Africa teach us.