TNS Challenge Durban Artists, DJ Lace Accepts (Who Will Take The Crown?)

tns challenge

TNS has gone on a rant on twitter, warning Durban artists to dare challenge him if they can. So far there was no one who had the guts to respond or accept his challenge.

Luckily DJ Lace came through for Durban and he is willing to take on TNS on a remix challenge. In fact He asked the fans the choose their favorite song and let the two do a remix and see who will do a better job in production.


Who is DJ Lace?

DJ Lace is signed under Shoelace records and he is been releasing great music, like I Will Love You, Unomona Ngami and Uzongikhumbula ft Lungelo.

The popularity of Shoelace records keeps getting bigger and bigger with days. Since the release of the song “I Will Always Love You”, the Shoelace records brand has been recognized by a lot of people.

Their new hit single is regularly being played on both local and national radio stations like Ukhozi FM, Mhlobo Wenene, Massiv metro, and Gagasi FM. Some of these radio stations have over 7 million listeners nationally.

DJ Lace as an artist has gained more followers on all social media platforms and had a couple of trends on Twitter. With the ever so growing number of YouTube views, the featured artist Si22kile has gained popularity.

When the “song” reached 200 000 views on YouTube only after 20 days, several radio stations started calling DJ lace’s management requesting to interview DJ lace about his new single I will always love you which led to a radio tour.

DJ Lace got more bookings after the rise of the song of which some of them were later canceled due to the current national lockdown.

“I will always you” has also attracted some of the big and famous artists in South Africa to Dj lace. furthermore, some of them booked him for production studio sessions as he is proven to be a versatile producer who programs and produces various genres.

Watch The Official Music Video Of I will always love you Below.