Thembi Seete Reflects on The Time She Gave Up Acting and Shona Ferguson Did This For Her

Thembi Seete

Thembi Seete talks about the most overlooked of stories of how her life was behind the scene with Mr Shona whom she regards as her brother and this is after she had an unpleasant time on the set. And so vowed to herself that she would never act again and that’s something we did not know at all.

It must have been something bad because Thembi Seete is as good as it gets and she is an all-rounder. Here’s how Mr Shona brought her back to the love of TV.

It is very rare to find people with such good hearts in the industry who do not just think for themselves and that’s a beautiful to watch. People who carried their own and not abandoned them, the loss of Mr Shona was a huge loss to everyone. It takes long or forever to ever find people who are selfless even the most important things in their lives.