The Real Reason Why Master KG Broke Up With Makhadzi

The Real Reason Why Master KG Broke Up With Makhadzi

The Limpopo Queen Makhadzi has revealed the real reason why Master KG broke up with her mentioning that he was jealous after the performance she put up at the Channel O Lockdown House Party.

In a Facebook post in the morning, Makhadzi indirectly said that Master KG could not bear seeing Makhadzi do so well in her career.

She said that immediately after seeing that Makhadzi trending all over social media, Master KG decided to steal her moment by announcing that he was broke up with her.

Makhadzi said that she had worked hard to be celebrated all over social media and yet one person got jealous and decided to steal her moment to shine.

The Vhenda musician put on an outstanding performance during the Channel O Lockdown House Party that saw her being celebrated as a legendary performer.

”Morning my people I just wanna remind you that we are still on women’s month and I have realized that us as women we are a threat to men without knowing avhatodi ufhiriwa (not all men but others) they are jealous and they don’t want us to shine .I was trending because of my hard work and one person decided to steal my shining.All I wanted yesterday was to see people celebrating my hard work because I took my time to rehearse for lockdown house as you know I don’t like disappointing my fans when it comes to performances .But all I got was some people swearing at me telling me about my looks..oksaloyo I will never stop to deliver the best to my people I am a woman with power I was born for this and forward I go..To all my fans don’t be distracted stay focused I love you all #kokovhaalbum #NewMusicLoading and performances. she said


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