The Queen Fans Have Mixed Reactions Over New Sis’ Vee

The Queen Fans Have Mixed Reactions Over New Sis' Vee

The Queen Fans Have Mixed Reactions Over New Sis’ Vee

About a month ago, newspaper publication reported that Zandile Msutwana who plays Vuyiswa Maake on The Queen, would be temporarily replaced after she got badly injured on set. The producers of the show had to come up with a way to continue the storyline, although they’ve come up with a way to continue with Sis Vee’s storyline by bringing in television presenter and actress Thembisa Mdoda.

Thembisa Mdoda replaces Zandile Msutwana on The Queen - YouTube

On their announcement, The Fergusons said that they do not doubt that with the immense talent and skills along with the support and guidance Thembisa has been receiving from Zandile Msutwana, the character of Vuyiswa Maake will continue to captivate the hearts of the audience. The production team further expressed their gratitude towards Thembisa Madoda and wished Zandile Msutwana a speedy recovery.

The Queen actress Zandile Msutwana gets badly injured during production | Mzansi Leaks

On April the 19th, Thembisa Mdoda finally made her debut appearance as Vuyiswa Maake and people’s reactions were priceless on social media. Even after it was announced and anticipated that Thembisa would be joining The Queen as Vuyiswa Maake, some viewers were never ready and their reactions proved that.

Memes were thrown all around on Twitter with fans suggesting that the storyline could have worked better had it been altered a bit. One Twitter user suggested that the writers could have said Vuyiswa went to visit her niece Akhona. While another user made fun of the new Vuyiswa Maake and said Sis Vee slept and woke up as Thembisa Mdoda.

Thembisa Mdoda has big shoes to fill, replaces Zandile Msuthwana on 'The Queen'

Most Twitter users don’t think that the actress is the perfect replacement for Hector Sebata’s new lover. Her acting skills are not in question, but the looks are. It doesn’t take a deep look to see that Thembisa does not resemble Vuyiswa and that has rubbed the viewers off the wrong way.

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Fans will have to keep on watching The Queen and they probably will get used to the new Vuyiswa Maake. On social media, Thembisa Mdoda shared a post wishing her husband Liyema Nxumalo a happy birthday.