The Assumptions Around The Death Of AKA’s Fiance Nellie Tembe

The Assumptions Around The Death Of AKA's Fiance Nellie Tembe

The Assumptions Around The Death Of AKA’s Fiance Nellie Tembe

Kiernan Forbes well known as AKA met his late fiance in 2020 and the couple have seemed to be a happy in their relationship ever since and their 11 year age difference did not seem to be a problem as they seemed to getting along quite smoothly. Kiernan Forbes engaged and sent his uncles to Nellie(Anele Tembe) to pay her dowry or bride price early this year, the two were planning their wedding when tragedy struck this past weekend and unfortunately Nellie met her untimely death.

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The was a video circulating late last year after the 22 year old attempted to commit suicide at a popular hotel in Durban, it is said she had been diagnosed with depression and AKA was making sure she gets the help she needed. Unfortunately on Saturday the 11th of April 2021 the rapper’s fiance attempted again only this time she didn’t survive. The news of her death have been making the rounds and speculations are being made. Some speculate that she was actually pushed and did not throw herself down the building and the first suspect put under fire is her rapper fiance AKA, the grief stricken Kiernan hasn’t said anything since the incident.

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Second suspect put under fire is former fiance and baby mama to AKA, Dj Zinhle. The Dj is accused of using witchcraft to get back at her baby daddy for breaking her heart for the second time. Most of the rapper’s rivals are put under question by the Twitter streets as they try to find someone to blame in all that has happened.

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