How To Start Trading Forex for beginners summarized (2021)

Start Trading Forex

How to start trading forex as a beginner? Forex trading looks simple when the professionals demonstrate how they racked up million on a single trade. However, don’t let that fool you or it will be the end of your trading capital.

There are dozens of steps that people have to take in order to truly call themselves a Forex traders. Most of these steps are taken when people are trading Forex for beginners’ status or are trying to exit it with some knowledge already under their belt.

To summarize the whole beginner’s phase of starting to trade Forex we need to look at exactly 10 major steps that a beginner has to take.

Top tips before starting to trade Forex

  • Learning the basics (currency pairs)
  • Learn the software (MT4, MT5)
  • Learn with demo accounts
  • Find a reliable service provider
  • Use the service provider’s resources such as tools and guides
  • Try out the support services of the provider
  • Learn about strategies and try them all out
  • Create a plan for reading news and doing independent analysis
  • Keep weekly track of the progress
  • Start placing real trades

 Sometimes it is easier to follow people who are already successful with forex trading to fully grasp the content in a short time. Learn more about successful forex traders in South Africa.
All of these may look overwhelming, but beginners usually take it step-by-step so that the learning material is always easy to handle.

Forex trading for beginners is extremely hard, it requires hours of time every single day in order to stay updated on the news, new strategies, and all the material that is needed. All in all, it’s not something people can do in a week. It could take months, and sometimes even years.

Even the most experienced traders tend to learn something new on the market.