SpaceX : Four astronauts heading to Space in Crew Dragon Capsule.


SpaceX: Four astronauts heading to Space in Crew Dragon Capsule.

According to CNN, SpaceX & NASA carried out a mission to take four astronauts into space on Sunday. This NASA project has a vision ignites the livelihood of the International Space Station.

The names of the NASA astronauts are Victor Glover, Michael Hopkins, Soichi Noguchi, and Shannon Walker. These astronauts are now flying in orbit aboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule that is expected to arrive at the ISS at 11 pm Monday ET. The trip is expected to last for 27 hours in orbit before docking.

The initial plan was to launch the trip on Saturday because the capsule was going to travel a shorter distance. In fact, if they launched on Saturday, the trip duration will take around 8 hours. Hurricane Eta forced the crew to launch later on Sunday to make sure its safe to travel to ISS.

The spacecraft is fully autonomous. As a result, during the trip, the astronauts will be taking turns in sleeping and exercising to avoid losing bone density. Moreover, there is a team from NASA and SpaceX in Texas, Hawthorne and California watching over them as they travel.

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“SpaceX developed the Crew Dragon capsule under NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, which, for the first time in the space agency’s history, handed over much of the design, development and testing of new human-rated spacecraft to the private sector. NASA awarded SpaceX and Boeing fixed-price contracts worth $2.6 billion and $4.2 billion, respectively, to get the job done. Development of Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft is still delayed because of major software issues detected during a test mission last year, but officials say that vehicle could be in operation next year.”

“Because these vehicles will technically be owned by SpaceX and Boeing, with NASA serving as a customer that buys missions for astronauts, the companies will also be able to use their vehicles to fly tourists, private researchers or anyone else who can afford a $50 million-plus ticket.

That decision wasn’t without controversy, particularly in the Commercial Crew Program’s early days. But Crew Dragon’s success could be seen as a huge win for folks at NASA who hope to rely more extensively on that contracting style to help accomplish the space agency’s goals.”

It is unfortunate that the Founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk was not there to witness the launch due to covid 19 symptoms. It was reported that he was suffering light flu-like symptoms.

This is a landmark mission for NASA and the company because it is the first fully operational crewed mission for SpaceX, following up a test mission in May that carried NASA astronauts Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken, both test pilots, to the space station

But this mission is not a test: SpaceX’s Crew Dragon was officially certified as a spacecraft worthy of carrying people last week, paving the way for it to begin making the trip relatively routine, carrying astronauts from a variety of backgrounds.