South African Actors And Their Side Hustle Business

South African Actors And Their Side Hustle

Mzansi’s Actors And Their Side Hustle Business

The entertainment industry is very unstable and it only pays enough for one to live an average lifestyle which is what we don’t expect from our celebrities, this is the reason why most of the actors are living a fake life of fame where else in real life they are breathing through the wounds. Hence creative individuals are often compelled to broaden their talents to  make extra cash to sustain their life of fame


Noxolo Mathula

South African Actors And Their Side Hustle

Singer and award-winning actress Noxolo Mathula, who plays the role of Lily on SABC 1’s hit telenovela Uzalo, has surprise fans and social media followers with her real-life side hustle. Despite her fame and wealth, the talented actress is not shy when it comes to chasing money and actually sells hotdogs in the streets as a side hustle

The Uzalo actress runs a successful business where she sells hotdogs in the streets and at shopping malls. Noxolo is inspiring many youths with her hands-on approach to her business and side hustle. After an extended period of the CoVid-19 made national lockdown, finances became heavily forced and Lily did not have any worries about going out into the streets to sell hotdogs to earn extra money..

South African Actors And Their Side Hustle

The business which is called HotdogsbyNoxolo supplies people in KwaMashu, where Uzalo is set. The business even supplies and visits the other sections of KwaMashu and Durban. The business-understanding actress has also used her fame and celebrity to promote her side hustle.

One of the marketing strategies used by HotdogsbyNoxolo is to give customers the chance to have their photo taken with Uzalo’s Lily after purchasing hot dogs. Noxolo’s workmates at Uzalo have also helped in promoting their colleague’s side hustle

Explaining why she chose hotdogs as a side hustle, Noxolo said, “A lot of people have been asking me why hotdogs? Well, hotdogs are my old-time favorite, whether I’m grocery shopping I have to find where the hotdogs [are] at, so I decided since my Mum makes hotdogs that slap so hard let me sell them to the people and hear what they have to say!”

With the actress’s entrepreneurial spirit, hands-on approach, and willingness to get her hands dirty, it’s no wonder that she recently bought herself a house worth R1.8 million.



Warren masemola

South African Actors And Their Side Hustle

Warren Masemola is known for his role in the popular drama on Mzansi magic the river as Oupa

Despite his acting career being the main source of his income, Warren Masemola also has his own side hustles that generate him a lot of money. He seems to be using his celebrity status to attract more customers to his business. This is a very brilliant strategy by the most talented former Scandal actor Warren Masemola

Warren is running his own street business where he sells oranges from the back of his bakkie for R30 and he is not even ashamed at all. He doesn’t have that celebrity pride like a lot of these celebrities out there who are on the big screens and living fancy on the camera but living in debts behind the closed doors.

 Warren Masemola has proven that in life you need to have other hustles to sustain yourself. The actor has many praising him after a picture of him sitting on top of a bakkie selling oranges has been circulating on social media.

Many have been complimenting him for not being ashamed of his side hustle and inspiring many in the country to keep on pushing.


South African Actors And Their Side Hustle

Mapaseka is famously know for her role as Dintle on etv drama soapie scandal
When she’s not on Scandal! Mapaseka runs a coffee shop in Kramerville with her husband. Gorge is all about offering office workers and the general public a quick, fresh option, from sustainably sourced ingredients. This certainly looks delicious

Thembie Seete

South African Actors And Their Side Hustle

Thembie Seete is known also known for her current role on Gomora as Gladys, the beautiful actress is also a mother, musician, and entrepreneur. In 2018 she started Azuri Beauty Bar with her good friends, media personality Mbali Nkosi and Sharon Kuzwayo. The beauty bar does everything from threading to nail extensions. Her advice to other entrepreneurs is to do what you love, then research and persevere. “You need a couple of years for a business to stand alone and be strong. Don’t give up – treat it like a baby and nurture it.”


South African Actors And Their Side Hustle

In 2017 actress, club DJ and radio host, Thando Thebete started Thabooty’s Underwear & Shapewear, a lingerie company that seeks to change the way women see underwear and shapewear. “I wanted to create something women wouldn’t be ashamed to wear, and something that would meet my functional needs. Whether it was to even out, control or contour, I needed something that wouldn’t roll down my body or make me feel like I was wearing a blanket underneath my clothes,” said Thabethe to IOL at the launch of her brand in 2017.

Brenda Ngxoli

South African Actors And Their Side Hustle

Brenda has been in the acting industry for more than a decade, she cast on the popular drama on Mzansi Magic the river as Dambisa and The queen as NormA. Actress Brenda owns a crop and animal farm village in the Eastern Cape. In a previous interview with Move, when she was healing from sexual abuse, Brenda said that she had to leave the city of gold to take a break from the city of life and used the farming to heal


 Duma Ntando

South African Actors And Their Side Hustle

Ntando who is a presenter and an actress, this year 2020  she joined The Queen cast. Actress and Presenter Ntando Duma recently added EntrepreneurSHIP to her list of accolades. The style icon who’s always on FLEEK has released her T-Shirt range FLEEKISWA under the Deja Vu Hub. She’s a FLEEKstar and it was bound to happen.


Sophie Ndaba

South African Actors And Their Side Hustle

Sophie Ndaba has made a household name for herself as Queen from Generations, from the actress went into business as an event coordinator and manager. in 2020 she also joined the Lockdown cast