Somizi and Mohale prove break-up rumors wrong over romantic breakfast

Somizi and Mohale prove break-up rumors wrong over romantic breakfast.

  • Somizi and Mohale’s marriage was sharing in recent weeks
  • Rumors reported that Mohale moved out of their matrimonial home.
  • The break-up or divorce looked more on the cards
  • But they recently hosted a public romantic breakfast that proves rumors wrong


Sunday morning brought us terrible news about the possibility of a break up between South Africa’s famous couple Somzi and Mohale Motaung. The rumors mentioned a couple of challenges in which the two are currently going through. in contrast to the rumors, Somizi shared a video of themselves having a romantic breakfast on their instagram. This video implied that the rumors were simply false.

According to ZAlebs, Somizi is spending less time at home and Mohale is spending more time with friends having a good time. In addition to this, Somizi posted a pic of himself and Vusi Nova, a man he admitted to calling his “endless love.”

ZAlebs reported that Mohale and Somizi are spending less time together lately. In fact, they spent more time with their friends more than with one another. To add salt to the wound, Somizi posted a picture of himself and Vusi Nova on Instagram admitting that he is his endless love.

Mohale recently purchased a new car, Mini Cooper and somizi did not waste time to congratulate him. He shot a video post showing everyone. This goes to show that if they are having trouble in paradise, they are really nipping it in the bud. Are they rumors true or not, only time will tell.


Somizi and Mohale are making an effort to rubish rumors of their break up. Photo credit: Instagram/somizi, Instagram/mohale_77 Source: Instagram 

Their stunt to show off publicly about their marriage status and health seems to be a smokescreen that blocks the true view or condition of their marriage. There is a saying that says where there is smoke there is fire. We believe only time will tell about a true reflection of these rumors.

Did Somizi & Mohale Break-up?

Somizi and Mohale are happily married

No, apparently its only rumors suggesting that they are facing problems in their marriage.

Who is Somizi Married to?

Somizi and Mohale

Mohale Motaung Mhlongo

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