Skeem Saam! Is Tlotiso Really Divorcing His Wife?

Skeem Saam

We all have heard about it “we’re divorcing or I should have meet you before her”. Tlotliso seems to be pulling Clement by the nose and the poor guy is too deep in love. He just meet him few days ago and already he thinks they’re going to get married as he says Tlotliso is his soul mate.

The bitter truth is that Tlotliso is not in an abusive marriage, he’s just more of bisexual rather than gay. Remember that he was quiet happy with his wife the day Kenny saw him. He does not like playing lovey-dovey with Clement on public except when they are behind doors or in a car or hiking where no one can see them.

The moment Tlotliso took Clement out, his wife’s friend came back to greet him which made his a little uncomfortable and he could not wait to pay the bill and leave. That says a lot but unfortunately it seems like Clement is too in love to see that. He’s even planning on leaving his life and family behind to start a fresh with Tlotliso. His lies are now becoming a norm but soon the heart will be broken.

Let’s not forget about Pretty who just got her pregnancy rejected by Lehasa but a phone call from the Maphosa’s family might change everything. We all know that Lehasa does not like the Seakamela but he was able to play lovey-dovey with their daughter. Since Pretty comes from a poor family, Lehasa thinks she after his cash. Watch Skeem Saam every weekdays at 18h30