Skeem Saam Actor Leeto Maputla Involved In A Car Accident


Skeem Saam actor Eric Macheru, who portrays the character of Leeto Maputla on the popular SABC 1 drama series, was recently involved in a car accident. A Twitter user by the name of Refliwe Maleka, alleges that the actor was driving under the influence of liquor when the accident occurred. She claims Macheru hit a vehicle and attempted to flee the scene of the accident. He caused more damage as he apparently hit her car while he was reversing.

The Twitter user says she was travelling with her 6 month old twins but luckily they were not injured. Refilwe shared videos of the accident scene with her Mazda damaged and Macheru’s car damaged. She called him out for drinking and driving. “This man was drunk AF at 16:00 in the afternoon. Hit a man’s car and the passenger was injured. He hit my car while trying to flee the scene. I was with my 6 month old twins. He still tried to leave before the police arrived.,” tweeted @The_RefRee

According to her, the actor did not cooperate with her insurance company. She says she had to pay for the damages but the actor has not done anything. It appears that Macheru’s car was severely damaged and it is not insured.