Skeem Saam: The Return Of Noah’s Father Bra Sikes Set To Couse Chaos

Skeem Saam the return of Bra Sakes

Skeem Saam is cooking up a storm with the notorious Bra Sikes set to make a comeback. Now with Bra Sikes in the picture, we can’t help wondering whether his criminal shenanigans will eventually rub off on his son Noah. Poor Noah had a bad start to life when his mom Mokgadi, then only 15, left him in grandmother Mary’s hands as a baby. Soon Noah was exposed to a life of crime as his gangster granny ran the local underworld with a determined fist and a taste for blood.

But he was given a new chance at life when, as a teen, he made his way back to Turfloop and his mother’s arms. Things were looking promising for the youngster with dreams until that historic night of the Maphosa factory fire that finally landed him up in prison late last year.

Having tried to live the honest life over the years, could Noah’s time in prison, and occasional visits from Bra Sikes, lead him straight into the belly of the criminal underworld?

For now it’s too early to say, but somehow we don’t think Bra Sikes would be happy to leave his son in the dirty hands of the Maputla clan. Fortune admits that, for now, the father-son prison visits haven’t had much impact on their relatively new relationship, “But Bra Sikes will make sure that he makes time to see Noah as much as he can.”