Skeem Saam Pretty Looks Happy With Lehasa Than With Her Real Life Husband, Fans React

Skeem Saam

In the past two weeks, Skeem Saam managed to gain their lost viewers back. The scenes kept viewers glued to their television screens waiting for more. One of the scenes that got people talking on social media was that of Pretty and Lehasa’s romantic relationship that started when Pretty ran away from home to get some fresh air in Joburg.

Although their relationship wasn’t really a thing to praise as Pretty already had a boyfriend back in Turfloop, some viewers didn’t care about all that, they saw a perfect match on Lehasa and Pretty and it looked very real. They looked good together as if it was real, and the way Pretty couldn’t hold herself one could clearly see that she felt loved and it reminded people of their loved ones.

In real life, Lerato Marabe who is Pretty is a married woman. She got married few months back at the age of 21, and she will be turning 22 tomorrow. Pictures of herself and her husband are everywhere on social media. People have started comparing the two men, the on screen lover and the real life husband and they are not of the same type.

Lehasa has a muscular build and the husband does not have. Many women die to have a husband like Lehasa who is attractive and rich. Lehasa and Pretty’s husband are incomparable, matchless, and we cannot really say one is better looking than the other.