Skeem Saam: Lehasa Denies Being The Father Of Pretty’s Baby

Skeem Saam

With no doubt Skeem Saam is one of the best tv soap to ever play on our screens. And for months now, Skeem Saam has managed to keep us, the viewers, glued to our screens and trying to figure out what’s next. So here’s what to expect this coming week on Skeem Saam (20-25 September 2021).

Monday- Now that Pretty’s biggest secret is out, she makes yet another confession that angers the entire Seakamela household. Tlotliso makes a proposal to Clement that is bound to change both their lives forever.

Tuesday- Pretty is forced to make a very difficult and life-changing decision about her unborn child. Tlotliso’s wife releases hell on him for a life-altering decision he has made. With the hopes of taking their relationship on the next level, Nothile gets impulsive on Lehasa and he likes it.

Wednesday- Pretty is harshly criticized when she reaches out to the father of her unborn baby. Koloi warns a close friend from making a decision they might regret later while confused by the honeymoon phase.

Thursday- A meeting with his new love’s parents isn’t what Lehasa expected and is a blow to his self-esteem. Pretty is rendered mute when she learns of her elders’ decision to take a trip with her. Clement’s plan to start off his new life with his new lover is off to a start without any hitch.

Friday- Lehasa easily denies being the father of Pretty’s unborn baby. Someone who knows Tlotliso’s wife catches him lunching with his new bae. Two former lovers meet on the streets of Turfloop. Will they rekindle their love?

Make sure to catch Skeem Saam on weekdays from Monday to Friday at 18:30 pm on SABC 1.