Skeem Saam Leeto And Mokgadi Are Siblings

Skeem Saam: Leeto And Mokgadi Are Siblings

Way back when John Maputla and Meikii met at University, John was a ladies Man which made their relationship difficult at that time. He even had a fling with Mokgadi’s mother and Meikie was not sure if he was the man for her. Then Meiki decided to end the relationship with John and fell in love with another guy who then proposed to her. When John realized what he’d lost, he went back to Meikie to ask for forgiveness, and Meiki forgave him.

Skeem Saam Leeto And Mokgadi Are Siblings

However, Mary Matloga was already 3 weeks pregnant with John’s baby and never told him. By the time John paid lobola for Meikie, Mary realized it was too late to tell him because he seemed happy. John thought Mary was pregnant with another man’s baby since they were in an on and off the relationship.  Mary knew that if she’d told John the truth, she would’ve destroyed his marriage. Meikie hates Mokgadi’s mother because she knows Mary would’ve ended up with John and not her.

Mokgadi is John’s daughter and her husband is her step-brother, don’t forget that when they were engaged and almost called the wedding off because they thought they were brother and sister? They are siblings and argue all the time because they’re too alike. They’re struggling to have a baby because they’re related. Mary kept her pregnancy a secret when he went back to Meikie due to the fact that she has a lot of pride. To this day, Mokgadi does not know who her father is because Mary never told anyone, not even John.

Mokgadi has always gotten along with John because they have a connection and Meikie hates Mokgadi because she hates her mother. Every time she sees Mokgadi, she’s reminded of John’s fling with Mary. Mary is still In love with John despite all the time that has passed by and has never been able to move on.

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