Skeem Saam Leeto and Mapitsi Maputla Will Soon Date

Skeem Saam Leeto and Mapitsi Maputla Will Soon Date

Leeto and Mapitsi Maputla are two lead roles that are portrayed by Eric Macheru and Mogau Motlhatswi. They portray them in one of South Africa’s best soap operas, SABC one’s (1) Skeem Saam Mapitsi is a newlywed into the Maputla family. She is married to Leeto’s baby brother Thabo “Tbose” Maputla, a role portrayed by Cornet Mamabolo.

Unfortunately, due to the constant fights that their parents, Mr and Mrs Maputla are having after an old cheating scandal was discovered, Thabo decided to accept a job offer abroad, to escape his family’s instability at the moment. But, he left his new wife and boy child, “Pitsi Maputla” behind with his parents and brother (Leeto).

Because of the consistent disputing between Mr and Mrs Maputla causing tension, for most of the time, the household is in Mapitsi and Leeto’s hands. They are always together and trying to figure out way to deal with the negative atmosphere in the household that results.

All of this is just making them grow closer and closer towards each other, and soon before they know it, it would be a romantic relationship. In this specific situation that Mr and Mrs Maputla are facing, it would not be easy for any of them to notice the ticking bomb that is about to explode.

Shall this happen, it would not be a rare case In terms of African homes and customs. History and Culture shows how brothers would marry the same woman, or if one of the sibling departs, his brother will be expected to take over his household.

Moreover, Leeto Maputla is a divorcee, sly that he is single. On the other side, Mapitsi’s husband is across boarders and no one is really sure as to when he will be back from overseas, making this theory hugely interesting.