Skeem Saam: It Ends In Tears For Pretty Siakamela

Pretty Siakamela

Skeem Saam continues to blow the minds of fans away by the satisfied that they are serving for viewers. Fans are always pleased after watching all episodes. It’s clear that what they are serving is exactly what viewers asked for.

That is why it always makes it to social media trends after airing an episode. Over the past years of being on air it managed to keep viewers by their storyline and it continues to be one of the top watched soap operas in the country with over millions of viewers countrywide.

It has ended in tears for Pretty Seakamela acted by Lerato Marabe. Things have turned to another level that she had not expected. It’s painful to see her family going through bad things every time without getting a break.

Its one thing after another and one would swear that the family has been cursed. She was impregnated by Lehasa acted by Cedric Fourie and became a laughing stock after he refused the pregnancy. As if that’s not enough she was shamed for deciding to do abortion because she couldn’t keep the baby.

The shame she got was too much and depressed her too much to an extent that she almost committed suicide. As they say the storm will pass over. She bounced back and got her life back. When she though all is over things changed. She has just been kidnapped by Lehasa’s girlfriend Khwezi.

She smooth talked her and made her to believe that she is calm and warm hearted. Eunice did warn her but she did not want to listen. Now she found herself being tied as Khwezi demanded to know the whereabouts of the baby. Less she knows that Pretty did an abortion a long time ago. She thinks she is lying and now she was forced to record a video telling a lie.

On the video she was forced to say that she was lying about her pregnancy. This might make people to hate her and to lose all the respect she had from the society. If she had listened to Eunice this wouldn’t have happened. Make sure you watch the soap opera to see the drama every weekdays from Monday to Friday at 18h30. Share your views and follow for more news.