Skeem Saam: Friday 4 February 2022 – Celia’s Desperation May Lead Her To Commit Murder

Skeem Saam: Friday 4 February 2022 – Celia’s Desperation May Lead Her To Commit Murder

Skeem Saam: Friday 4 February 2022 – Celia’s Desperation May Lead Her To Commit Murder

Let’s first do a little recap of last night’s episode.

Celia and Alfred’s world grows darker as Alfios is found and still breathing. Mr Kgomo dropped this bomb on Celia after she let out that she thought Alfios was dead. She couldn’t even hide how unhappy she was, so much so that Mr Kgomo asked why she just ran out after hearing the news.

Alfios, as we know, fell off a cliff when he was meeting with Alfred Magongwa at the hiking trail. The fall from the hill left him in a critical state at Turfloop hospital. Babeile launched a search party on Alfios, and they were unsuccessful.

Looking at how Celia stares at Alfios, one can’t help but think she wants to finish him off. Alfios alive is more problematic for the Magongwas.

Alfred is hit harder by the news because he was banking on Alfioses death. Alfred could have quickly pinned the whole tender fraud on him if he was dead. His problems have added a very dangerous Alfios who knows enough to put Alfred away for life. Alfred is also haunted by Alfred’s little Nephew, who had the fright of his life when he recognised him.

Melita and Mapitsi get into it Infront of John at the Maputla house. Mapitsi doesn’t warm up to Melita working at the Supermarket and outright disrespects her. Lehasas meeting with the lawyers turns sour when Kobus demands a high settlement for the shareholders, should Lehasa choose to continue with the shut down of Rovuwa.

On tonight’s episode

Kobus threatens to sue if the Rovuwa employees don’t get fat payouts after the café is shut down.

Celia feels the world’s weight on her because Alfios is alive, Alfios knows too much, and Celia makes a dangerous decision tonight. She decides to finish Alfios off. Alfios is critical but stable in the hospital, and the Mgongwas don’t want to risk him waking up. Celia stands on Alfioses bed, telling him she can’t let him live. My Word! Celia could kill someone.

We need to address the elephant in the room.
Since the police did not recover Alfios, who did?

Let’s go through what happened that night. Melita was following Magongwa if you remember well, and while she was standing in the shadows, she made a phone call to someone. She directed that person to tail Magongwa. We don’t know who she was talking to, but could this mysterious person be the one who saved him?

We will wait and see

MaThobagale succeeds in involving her school in the Literacy Program.

Mrs Phehla is reluctant when John Maputla advises her to talk to Alfiose’s suppliers as the University continues the Tender corruption investigation.

Lehasa is ready to execute his plan to get rid of the shareholders. He is not happy to pay their dividend, so that he might be one step ahead.

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