SHOCKING! Scandal Actor Kgosi Threatens To Kill His Baby Mama

Scandal Actor Kgosi

Given Stuurman, best known for his Scandal character Kgosi is trending for the wrong reasons of late. The veteran actor we all love to hate seems to be taking his on-screen character back home when the set lights go out. He has been involved in a nasty GBV case that has since been reported to the police and happens to be before the courts of law.

The actor has been accused of smoking too much dagga and becoming violent afterwards. In some instances, he has even threatened to kill her baby mama and go after anyone who protects her before taking his own life. However, these bold allegations are contained in an temporary protection order filed by his child’s mother in the Booysens Magistrate’s court.

Also, it was also established that hell broke loose when her baby mama visited, and the actor physically abused her baby mama. The seasoned actor also threatened to kill her baby mama’s father and uncle and anyone who protects her. After noticing that their affair had turned south, the baby tried to walk away, but Kgosi did not have it. However, after asking for her child’s clothes and toys, she was replied with death threats.

“I have been held aggressively and pushed around most of the time when we were in his place of residence,” reads the order. The court papers have it that even after the baby mama called it quits, Kgosi continued posturing threats. “I’m going to kill you and anyone who protects you – whether your dad or your uncle ….”

However, these are some of the chats attached to the protection order. “He is always saying that if he cannot take care of his daughter, then no one else should be allowed to do so, he would rather kill himself, my daughter and I,” reads the order.

Despite being given protection, the baby mama hasn’t been able to serve them to him. “On several occasions, I went to his house with the police to serve it on him, but his mother always said that he was not home to sign it,” she said.