Sho Madjozi showcase her top there entries from her Sena Ala competition

The ever trending South African musician, Sho Madjozi, shared some of the top contenders for her Sena Ala competition on Instagram. All the songs require aspiring producers to add a beat to her unreleased song.

In an Instagram video on Tuesday, 21 April 2020, Sho Madjozi shared a compilation video of three entrants, who added their own musical flair to the song. The first, from J-Swegga, heard an Amapiano beat with increased pace at the chorus. The second version from Ruslan Shadev heard a techno-beat with South African elements, whilst the last version from Petit Piment displayed the most dance rhythms with similarities to the singer’s previous hits.

Fans shared their opinions on social media, with many commenting on which sound resembles Sho Majozi’s music the most. One fan, Ethan Conrad, wrote “The third one sounds like a Sho Madjozi song in the club. It’s amazing.” Another fan, Ntato, said, “1 and 2 are different, but suits the vocals really well.” Sho Madjozi explained that the three entries were not the top three, and there was still time for others to enter.

Watch the video below.

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