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Sha Sha is a 26 years old Zimbabwean singer, song writer and a performer but she now relocated to South Africa. She’s born in Muture, Zimbabwe. Her genre music is piano and she’s known for her collaboration with the top artist and her song Tender Love.

Sha Sha biography profile summary

Real Name            : Charmaine Mapimbiro
Gender                  :Female
Date of birth          :13 June 1994
Place of birth         :Mutare Zimbabwe
Education              :N/A
Age                        :27 years old
Ethnicity                 :Black
Nationality             :Zimbabwean
Occupation            :Singer, song writer and performer
Label                      :blaqboy
Instagram              : ShaShaofficial@ShaSha
Net-worth             :$3 million-$4 million

Sha Sha date of birth

Sha Sha is born on the 13th of June 1994. She’s 27 years old and she’ll be turning 28th on the 13 June this year.

Sha Sha family

She’s Originally from Mature in Zimbabwe but unfortunately her parents separated immediately after she was born. She grew being taken care by her grandmother then later moved to her aunt.

Sha Sha career

Sha Sha’s love for music led her to joining a church choir at a very young age ans she began taking piano lessons which helped in her music composition and formations.

Sha Sha got her big breakthrough when she got introduced to South Africa’s famous and successful producer by her driver. She started recording professionally in 2017

One of Sha Sha’s friend saw her talent and took her music to one of the biggest radio stations in Zimbabwe. After this she was able to meet Audius Mtawarira one of popular producer who became her mentor.

He has now worked with several South African artists
Sha Sha released one extension play since her debut. Here are some of Sha Sha’s songs

1 Tender Love
2Sing it back
3 Abobdaba
4 Lerato Fela
6whats the fact
7 Emazulweni
8 You
9 Something About you
10 Water
11 Akulaleki
12 Why ngikufela
13 Ub’khona
14 Mthande
15Crash into me

Shasha education

Sha Sha realised her career in 2017. She wanted to be a nurse but later realised that she was into music. Sha Sha narrated in one of the media house. She discovered that she could begin singing and taking piano lessons at times. By that time shwas was still staying with her grandmother.

Sha Sha net-worth

It is estimated that Sha Sha’s net worth is $3million-$4 million.

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