See The Girls That Causes Havoc On Social Media Lately.



A group of young girls have caused a havoc with the video taken on one of their friend’s birthday at a filling station where the video was taken.

The girls are being praised for their beauty and dancing skills on the newly released track #Johnvuligate and others making challenges observing their dance moves.

Others are also making fun out of it by tracing and classifying the outfit that the girls was wearing to be the “Johnvuligate Kit”.

The video is the talk of the town now, everyone having the dancing videos and pictures on their status and posts. The girls labeled John vuli gate are going far because the owner of the song is requesting them to feature the video that is going to be shooten today. ”

The song owner”

“I’m shooting a video for this song on Friday, I’m looking for these girls can you please retweet till they see this.#Johnvuligatechallenge.

You Go Girls.

Stocko is a slang in our language and it refers to a beautiful girl who could possibly be attractive to the eye of everyone. But after the challenge a new definition was said to be “beautiful girl with no brains. Yikes!