Scandal Romeo Is Coming Back, See What Will Happen

Scandal Romeo Is Coming Back

Hungani Ndlovu is an etv’s Scandal actor playing the role of Romeo Modupe. Scandal has lots of hearts and Romeo was actually one of those actors within it who kept viewers glued on their screens watching Scandal. Fans were very disappointed when this talented actor got reported that he’s leaving the show, they even asked for him not to leave.

A month ago, the scandal Marketing manager; Makatseng Mokomoe said that Hungani’s indeed pulling out from the show and he might probably come back after some time. Makatsang also stated that Hungani’s not going to be replaced by anybody. Apparently, this 26 year old left the show because the show team was not fair enough towards him, and he also mentioned the fact that he was playing a bigger part within the show yet he wasn’t even paid what he deserved

However, Romeo has decided to forgive and forget because he’s coming back to Scandal very soon. All thanks to fans because they were always complaining on social media platforms that they want Romeo back. However, fans also insisted that if Romeo doesn’t come back, they’re going to stop watching the show. It was indeed unnecessary for them kill him (Romeo).

Romeo’s return will be little bit different as he would be not himself, he would have memory loss because of what he went through, remember that he was thrown in the river, and his body was put in a body bag still alive.

Good news is that he didn’t die and was found helped by a man who was taking a walk near the river. When Romeo woke up from unconsciousness, he never remembered his name and where he comes from. The sad part was that even this man didn’t know Romeo yet he continued staying with him, he was even given a new name; “Mpho” which simply means “Gift”