Scandal Kills All Characters In Preparation For A New Family


Over the past few weeks, Scandal has been killing off characters. They killed off Mamba’s wife, then Mamba, and his right-hand man Gorbachev. While viewers thought that was the end, they then killed off the most loved on-screen character, Romeo Medupe.

As viewers were still mourning Romeo’s passing, they were then moved by another person’s death. Boniswa was pushed off the balcony, and she died on spot. Viewers thought that was it, but they were then surprised yet again when a truck crashed into a restaurant when people were still enjoying their party. This could only mean one thing. There are at least people who will be killed from the accident.

It has now been revealed that the latest character to be killed off will be Brighton Ngoma, who plays. He has been with the show for 12 years now. Scandal will be introducing two new families. Some of the family members started appearing. Hopefully, they will not be killing off all old characters. Farewell to Quinton.