Scandal Gloria Ruins The Khubekas With Her Big Mouth

Scandal Gloria

We know Gloria loves to gossip and has never been good at keeping her mouth shut. She told her caiphus to take the blame for the NFH crash because millions were involved. We all know that where there is money involved, and bribery with lies, there is always trouble. Caiphus and Gloria decides to get married in community of pro property before caiphus confesses, but will there be property when caiphus returns???

We saw that caiphus hasn’t been sentenced yet but Gloria had started spending money. What will happen when she blows the million?? Gloria is obviously a lose end to the Khubekas.

Her selfness might lead her to blackmailing the Khubekas for more money. Will this put herlife in danger?? The Khubekas appear to be sweet family on the outside but they will do anything to protect themselves.