SASSA Opens Another Window for COVID-19 R350 Grant Payment Method Change To Their Bank Accounts. Follow These Easy Steps

SASSA Opens Another Window for COVID-19 R350 SRD Grant Payment Method Change To Their Bank Accounts. Follow These Easy Steps

SASSA stated that recipients should consider opening bank accounts and switch payments into these facilities, as this is the quickest way to get their R350 grant.

The South African Social Securities Agency (SASSA) have said that recipients of the special COVID-19 Social Distress or Relief (SRD) grant are offered a second chance so that they can change their preferred payment method to avoid having to stand in long queues at Post Offices and risk walking away empty-handed should cash on-site run out.

SASSA previously opened a window of opportunity in early August for beneficiaries to make the change to a bank account of their choice, and have once again made this facility available for a window running from Monday 31 August to Sunday 6 September 2020.


R350 grant beneficiaries have bemoaned the difficulty they have faced in receiving payment, with Post Offices around the country often inundated by long queues. With a limited amount of cash on-site, many were told that they would not be able to receive payment after waiting all day in line.

To make the process easy and to avoid the congestion at Post Offices, SASSA have made an alternative method available on their website where beneficiaries can opt for payment to be made into a bank account of their choosing, as well as change from one bank to the other.

“This development is an effort to address the challenges some beneficiaries have experienced in trying to access their special relief grant from the Post Offices,” said SASSA in a statement on Tuesday 25 August.

They encourage the beneficiaries who opt to changes to payment preferences be done ASAP, in  addition, beneficiaries can go ahead and select their desired option in advance of the window opening on 31 August.

They also said that beneficiaries to open a bank account if they do not already have one, as this mechanism for payment is the most efficient.


Beneficiaries should take note of the following:

  • If you still need to visit a Post Office to collect your funds, don’t visit a post office until you have received an SMS notification that the funds are available;
  • Ensure that the account listed in the new payment preference field is registered in your name;
  • Ensure that the cell phone number provided is correct and registered in your name.

SASSA also said that recipients who opted to receive their special COVID-19 SRD grant through cash transfer will indeed get their August 2020 payment through this preferred method.

SASSA also noted that those who do not update their information during this window period, or who provides incorrect banking details, will have the payments for the remaining months sent through to the Post Office.

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