Uzalo Actress Coca ‘Nomalanga Shabane’ Salary Shocks Mzansi

Uzalo Actress Coca

She has fast become one of Mzansi’s best. Nomalanga Shabane is a South African actress best known for Love Lives Here, The Letter Reader, and currently, she is nailing it as Cocoa on Uzalo SABC 1. Her unmatched talent has made her one of Mzansi’s most-followed star actresses. However, we can credit that to her craft skill. She happens to be one of the few actresses who can act using several native languages.

No doubt it’s everyone’s dream to be on Uzalo, and it takes one’s craft skill to outshine others in a starred cast. With more than 9.4 million viewership under its flagship, Uzalo is the most followed drama series in  Mzansi, and it’s not holding back. Surprisingly, her shot to fame came with her gig on Uzalo.

But who is Cocoa? That has been everyone’s question since her shove into the limelight. However, speaking on the sidelines of her Uzalo gig, she revealed a dream come true for her.“Uzalo is the biggest show in Mzansi. I’m sure every youngster wishes to be part of it. What I like the most about it is that it discovered a lot of previously hidden talent. And it exposed talent and skills in youth. There are actors who are popular and have grown because of this telenovela. And I believe the Cocoa character will open a lot of doors for me,” said Nomalanga.

She was born on the 30th of November 1993. She was born in Verulam, KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa. Cocoa from Uzalo attended Glenhaven Secondary School. After that, she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education – TLE via the University of South Africa (UNISA). However, despite not having a career crossing years, she has capped her acting career with the prestigious Golden Horn Award.

Despite boastful with more than 9.8 million views, one would think that Uzalo is one of the most paying drama series in Mznasi, but that’s not the case. In recent months the drama series has itself trending for the wrong reasons. Uzalo’s salary distresses have seen the most-watched drama series halting productions for weeks after they called it quits over unpaid salaries.

However, it is in this backdrop Mzansi has often asked how much the showrunners pays Cocoa. We can all agree that she fast become the drama series face with her on-screen mjolo storyline with Nyawo. It has been revealed that she earns around R35000 per month. It should be noted that salaries of actors are determined with time on scenes, experience and role fame to the storyline.