Rumours Says Lasiswe’s Dating Mohale.

Lasiswe Respond To The Rumours That He’s Dating Somizi’s Husband.

Lasiswe Dambuza a media personality has came to clear the rumours that he’s not dating Somizi Mhlongo’s husband Mohale Motaung.This was posted after one of the twitter user saying “Mohale and Lasiswe are having an affair but Lasiswe shut down the rumours.

Lasiswe couldn’t sit back but recently posted a picture on twitter with Somizi’s husband in black and white outfit at Somizi’s friend Leeroy Sidambe’s party. One of a twitter user wrote

“Breaking News: Mohale is having an affair with Lasiswe”

It is not the first time Mohale is being accused of cheating Somizi. Somizi and Mohale has funs thinking that Mohale is not serious and not being real with his husband,he married to benefit from the perks of being a sugar baby. Lmao Somizi then replied to the tweets

“We don’t kiss….lol…I don’t kiss guys”

After the rumours started gaining ,Somizi was quoted saying

“It’s really annoying now. I know my man better than you all. These comments are really tiring. And who died and made you judges of character and personalities? Show me your excitable partners then”

The couple has recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary since they got pulled back in 2019.The couple then got into a beautiful tradition wedding held in Johannesburg. The wedding was the talk of the town and it was in the top of the South African entertainment industry.

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