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Deko is a South African rapper, Author and a presentercwho is professionally known by her stage name Rouge. She’s born on the 13th September and she’s 28 years of age and turning 29 on the 13 September 2021

Biography profile summary

Real Name             : Deko Barbara Jessica Wedi
Gender                   : Female
Date of birth           :13 September 1992
Place of birth          :Pretoria Gauteng
Education                :University of Pretoria
Age                          :28 years old
Ethnicity                  :Congolese
Nationality              :Congolese
Occupation             :Author,Rapper,presenter
Label                       :Sony Music
Instagram               :Rouge@rouge_rapper
Net-worth              :$41 000

Rouge date of birth

Rouge was born on the 13th September 1992. She was born in Pretoria Gauteng. She’s 28 years of age and will be 29 years old age on the 13th September 2021 which is this year.

Rouge education

Rouge started writing song in her early years of age which resulted in her taking part in acting, public speaking and poetry. She attended her varsity days in University of Pretoria where she completed her degree in Drama & Film

Rouge personal life

Rouge’s are from Congo where her both parents were born. Rouge’s parents migrated to Mzansi in 1991. The migration was based on a new job that her father got. A doctor. Secured in Pretoria. She’s the last born in a family of five siblings.

Rouge career

I’m December 2014 Rouge released her second album by the tittle name Micazon featuring BigStar Johnson. Followered by her debut single Party. The next year rapper AKA featured her along with other female rappers In baddest.

In 2016 Rouge released the song Mbongo Zaka feature one of the best rapper Moozlie. The song gained both of them fame and it was her first song to the top chats on all major radio stations across South Africa

In 2016, Rouge was one of the mentors on the vuzu reality game show. She also participated on the MTV base cyphers in the New Skool. Here are some of Rouge’s songs

1 Intro
2 underrated
3 Celebrity
4 Let it go
5Deja Vu
6No pressure
7 Dololo
8 Naledi
9 Arumtumtum
10 The break up
11 Simon Says
12 No Strings
13 Mbongo Zaka
14 Sheba Ngwan O
15 Mabele

Rouge net-worth

It is estimated that Rouge’s Net-worth is $41 000

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